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K-Systems GmbH

Data protection notice

As operators of this internet site we point out that the protection of your data as well as the safeguarding of your privacy is of particular importance to us. For this reason we would like to inform you as follows regarding the handling of data which you have made available to us.

Data collection

Insofar as the opportunity for entering personal or business information is given on this website (name, address etc.), sharing of this user information is expressly on a voluntary basis. It is possible to visit our website without our knowledge of your identification, i.e. without having to give personal related data. Insofar as you make use of our services/share your personal information for the purpose of contractual performance, you will no longer be anonymous to us. By sharing the respective data, you expressly agree to the communication and storage of such data.

As far as is technically possible and acceptable we allow for the anonymous use of our services or for use under a pseudonym.

The use of personal data

The use of personal data supplied by you occurs solely for the provision of a service or within the scope required to fulfill a contract. Insofar as your explicit consent has been given, the communicated data will also be used by us for marketing purposes.

Disclosure to third parties

There is no disclosure of personal date to third parties.

Information on stored data

You have the right to request, at any time and on demand, information which has been stored about you. If desired, the relevant information can also be communicated electronically.

On request, the personal data which you have stored with us can immediately be erased or blocked.

For any related issues please contact:
Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG
Pressecker Str. 39
95233 Helmbrechts
Phone: +49-9252-709-0
Fax: +49-9252-709-199

Further information

We are committed to providing you with the best possible safety for your personal data from a technical as well as an organizational perspective. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee complete data security. As far as the transmission of confidential information is concerned, we recommend a postal communication.